Welcome to Grown Right Tree and Shrub LLC, a small family-owned and operated business specializing in comprehensive tree and shrub care, guided by our certified arborist. In today's eco-conscious world, the preservation of trees and shrubs is paramount. Our services span the entire lifecycle of your trees and shrubs, from meticulous planning and planting to nurturing soil health, fertilizing, pest management, precise pruning, and delicate tree work. Grounded in scientific expertise, our approach ensures the sustained vitality and longevity of your green assets.

Our service area is the Lakes Region of New Hampshire

Our Services

Comprehensive Soil Care: Cultivating Vibrant Trees and Shrubs

Our soil care service nurtures the soil around trees and shrubs, enhancing growth and vitality. We assess soil composition and pH levels, recommend amendments like organic matter or fertilizers, and employ techniques like mulching for moisture retention and weed suppression. With regular monitoring, we ensure your landscape maintains a healthy environment for thriving trees and shrubs.

Seasonal Fertilizing 

Using premium-quality fertilizers tailored to the specific needs of your trees and shrubs, our treatment promotes healthy growth and vitality. Whether your trees show signs of nutrient deficiency, or you aim to enhance their overall health, our fertilization service is the ideal solution.

Enhance Tree Health with Root Collar Excavations

Our certified arborist specializes in root collar excavations, a vital service for maintaining tree health. By carefully removing soil and debris from the base of your trees, we uncover the root collar, mitigating moisture issue and water absorption. This promotes healthier root development and overall tree vitality

Secure Your Trees with Expert Cabling

At Grown Right, our certified arborist specializes in providing structural support for your trees through professional cabling techniques. Using advanced methods and quality materials, we carefully assess your tree's condition and strategically install cables to reinforce weak or vulnerable areas. Our goal is to enhance the stability and longevity of your trees, minimizing the risk of limb failure or tree collapse.

Precision Pruning 

We understand the importance of air and light flow for the vitality of your trees and shrubs. That's why, with industry-leading tools and techniques, our team carefully removes dead, diseased, or overgrown branches, allowing your trees to flourish and thrive. Whether you have ornamental trees, fruit trees, or native species, we ensure that each pruning cut is made with precision and care, guaranteeing optimal growth and vitality.

Experienced Climber

Bringing unparalleled expertise and precision to every climb. With a focus on safety and attention to detail, our certified arborist specializes in hazardous branch removal and the careful pruning of dead wood. Using advanced climbing techniques and extensive tree care knowledge, we ensure the health and beauty of your landscape is preserved with each task.

Expert Species Selection and Planting

Our certified arborist thoughtfully selects the ideal tree and shrub species for your environment and soil conditions, strategically placing them to optimize their growth potential. With exceptional attention to detail and industry-best practices, we ensure proper planting depth, soil preparation, and watering techniques. Whether you're enhancing your existing landscape or starting anew, trust Grown Right for expert planting services that establish the groundwork for a flourishing green space.

Efficient Stump Grinding Solutions

Efficiently removing unsightly tree stumps, leaving your outdoor space clear and ready for new landscaping projects. Using state-of-the-art equipment and a skilled technician ensure thorough and precise stump removal, minimizing disruption to your property. Whether you're looking to enhance the aesthetics of your yard or prepare the area for new plantings, our stump grinding services are the solution you need.

Professional Consultations 

Unlock the full potential of your landscape with our comprehensive arborist consultation service. Whether you're embarking on a large-scale project or seeking guidance for smaller endeavors, our certified arborist is here to assist you. From planning new tree installations to protecting and preserving mature trees, our expert advice is tailored to your specific needs. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, trust our arborist to provide valuable insights and personalized recommendations that will enhance the beauty and longevity of your trees for years to come.

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